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The pre-configured modules are available in various widths, depths and heights for easy planning

Select the modules you want, then work with us to arrange a bespoke composition to suit your needs and budget.

Moisture loving – the powder coated metal frames and fronts won’t swell or warp

Kitchens create a lot of moisture - hot steaming ovens, dishwashers, pots and water that inevitably never stays in the sink. KXN's materials are moisture resistant and available in a range of easy to clean, hard wearing, matt powder coat colour finishes. They use no toxic glues and are recyclable.

KXN accommodates bench tops, appliances, sinks and taps of choice – both old and new

KXN accommodates both the well loved old favourites and the new. And where those older appliances don’t fit seamlessly into a module – we have a faceplate, a surround that integrates the appliance.

KXN can easily be added to, retrofitted with accessories, drawers and cupboards or reconfigured to meet new needs

If you sell up once the kids have left home, you can pack it all down and take it to the Bach for another decade of enjoyment.

Find out more about the KXN journey here

We want to get it right - so we need to know a little more about you and your project before we can provide a price estimate. Please email to arrange an appointment to discuss your Project, or call 09 373 4081. Consultations can be held in our Showroom or on Zoom. Click below to find out what to expect during the planning and production stages of a KXN Kitchen and our payment terms. KXN What To Expect