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Moisture loving

Made from powder coated aluminium and galvanised steel, KXN's metal frames, fronts and drawers won’t swell or warp. Kitchens create a lot of moisture - hot steaming ovens, dishwashers, pots and water that inevitably never stays in the sink. KXN's materials are moisture and steam resistant and available in a range of easy to clean, hard wearing, matt powder coat colour finishes. They use no toxic glues and are recyclable.

Easy planning

Life happens in the kitchen. It is the activity hub of the home and a critical area at the office— it needs to work hard and be a space you enjoy. Appliances, tools and strategically placed storage allow you to effortlessly transition between tasks, providing enjoyment for preparing meals, cooking, washing and connecting with family, friends and colleagues.

We will work with you to arrange a bespoke composition that functions efficiently for your needs and works within your budget. The pre-configured modules of our KXN Kitchen are available in various widths, depths and heights for easy planning.

Happy to accommodate

KXN accommodates both new appliances and hardware or well-loved old favourites. Choose from integrated appliances or go without to keep costs down. Choose bench tops, sinks and taps to suit your needs and budget.

To make KXN more accessible, we offer two price points— Bespoke and Standard. We appreciate KXN is a substantial investment so understanding what budget you have allocated for your Kitchen ensures we develop a concept that meets your needs. There are also some tricks when planning KXN Bespoke that we can utilise with a little concession to save costs.

With KXN Standard we distilled the hardest working, most loved bespoke configurations into a condensed offering of tried-and-true configurations that support necessary Kitchen functions. The modest and functional fixed configurations offer a lower price point by removing the costs of bespoke configurations in conjunction with volume manufacturing.

Guide to Choosing A Kitchen Tap

Challenging the status quo

A laminate cabinetry box is the go to construction method for Kitchens around the world. Whilst more affordable, there is significant material wastage in the production process and they’re highly susceptible to irreversible damage. KXN offers something more innovative and beautiful than the status quo for those that endeavour to reduce the negative impact of everyday living on the environment and are prepared to invest in lasting design.

A kitchen needs to work hard and be a space you enjoy, year after year. With KXN we strive to raise the bar in the building industry, change the culture around the value of lasting design and the environmental performance of a Kitchen, so they pass from owner to owner rather than ending up in landfill. There is an under-appreciated sense of joy when your Kitchen still looks great having survived another year of the daily grind, wild children and raucous dinner parties.

KXN is compliant with the AS / NZS Domestic Furniture Standard and meets New Zealand Building Code requirements for sea spray zone durability. It has been designed for unintentional acts that commonly occur in a kitchen such as flooding or the replacement of broken appliances.

The information we provide Trades for installation saves considerable costs during your build. Once installed KXN adds substantial value to your property and prevents the hassle and cost of replacements.

If you would like to understand what is possible for your Kitchen from a budget perspective we will be able to assist with some estimates. Dimensioned plans and elevations of your space will help us provide more accurate information.

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The KXN journey

Your kitchen design will be informed by the space you have to work with, your preferences and your budget— they will dictate the layout and what you need to include. Once you have an understanding of these then the planning process becomes very easy.

Things to consider:
- What budget have you allocated for your Kitchen project?
- What is your project build completion date / timeframe?
- Where is your kitchen in relation to other living spaces, how will you move between them?
- What day to day activities will take place in the kitchen?
- How do you like to prep, cook, wash and entertain?
- What appliances do you want to use?
- Where do you want to position your sink and appliances in relation to each other?
- What storage and waste will you need in these areas?
- What benchtop finishes do you want to use?
- Are there any restrictions or requirements that will impact the design process?

We use this information alongside dimensioned floor plans and elevations to develop a concept of your KXN Kitchen using 3D modelling software. From this first concept we can provide a more detailed cost estimate. This Schematic Design phase is provided free of charge.

If the initial concept works with your design vision and budget, we then proceed to the Detailed Design phase to fine tune the design. We require a deposit to proceed with this phase, please see our T&C for further details. At the end of this phase we produce a set of dimensioned Drawings that detail the size and configuration of modules, materials, finishes and colours, appliance and hardware makes and models, whilst provisioning for plumbing, electrical and construction specifics. We can also provide where required further drawings for the location of penetration(s) of services for Trades.

Please email us to arrange an appointment on or to discuss your Project call 09 373 4081. Consultations can be held in our Showroom or via Zoom. We require dimensioned plans and elevations to proceed with concept development. Site measures can be arranged if required but may incur a fee.