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Spoilt for choice

Mix and match the colours and materials of the seat, collar, legs, and ring to create your perfect perch. With over 16,000 material and colour combinations everyone is sure to have a favourite.

Engineered to last

Every aspect of the Baker stool was designed with performance in mind; the result of an obsessive focus on detail. Highly resolved connection details and hard wearing materials ensure this robust stool will withstand wear and tear for decades to come.

360 degree movement

We all sit and move differently, so whether you perch, straddle, lean, sit side saddle, parallel or cross legged, the Baker stool won’t constrain how you get on, sit on or get off the stool.

For future generations

Don’t find yourself with short-lived items that quickly go out of style. Baker has been designed to survive changes in tastes and trends, to remain relevant so it can be passed on to the next generation.

Be kind to your floors

The extremely tough, injection moulded polyurethane feet are fastener free, UV resistant and won’t mark or damage your floors. Designed for a precise fit so they won’t fall out. Timber legs are supplied with noise reducing felt feet.

Easy on your wallet

Inexpensive doesn’t have to equate to poor quality. Packed full of goodness, this high performance stool provides excellent value for money, especially when enjoyed over a long life cycle.

Beautifully balanced

With weight distributed in all the right places, Baker is stable on its feet. It’s light enough to pick up or move around but won’t tip easily - perfect for the early morning frenzy with the kids or when the after work drinks get out of hand.

A sustainable future

Baker offers a long service life with little maintenance. When no longer fit for use, the non-permanent fittings can be seperated back into basic components for recycling. The aluminium can be recycled using less than 5% of the energy used to make the original product.